Our Philosophy

Our diagnostic and treatment approach is founded on the understanding of the interrelationships between your body's nerves, muscles, bones, organs, and other connective tissues. Each of these systems affects one another and need to work in harmony in order for your body to function and feel at its best.

We view and treat your body as an integrated whole. Rather than "spot" treating only specific symptoms, we will work with you to uncover the root of the problem you are experiencing. With this approach we restore balance and functioning throughout your entire body, in addition to providing pain and symptom relief.

Your body has a natural capacity to heal itself and maintain health. Our treatment approach works with your body. Through the use of manual therapy techniques, we facilitate and enhance the body’s inherent ability to heal.

To determine the origin of your symptoms, during your first visit you will receive:
  • A comprehensive evaluation of current and past medical issues
  • An assessment of your posture
  • A structural and soft-tissue evaluation

Our evaluation process is ongoing and evolves with your treatment. During each visit you will be treated entirely through the use of hands-on manual therapy techniques. You may be prescribed therapeutic exercises to be completed at home to reinforce the manual work performed in the office.